We are a creative services company

We help businesses grow via modern marketing strategies, branding, design, and beautiful online presences.

Whether individually or in tandem our


will help you view your business in a renewed light.

Our Reach is Global

We’ve helped small businesses, large corporations, universities, non-profits, and more from both near and afar. The strategies change, but our attention to detail and quality remain.

Some of Our Clients

But, Dayton is Our Home

We’re proud to have been invited to participate in so many amazing projects that are helping to grow the community that inspired us to create Catapult.

We want to find your simple truth.

Even in the most complex industries there is a central heart to any business. Our job is to find your pulse and create a rhythm that reaches your customers.

Here at Catapult

The three Catapult Creative Partners having a beer in front of a Mario Kart Mural

We're fun

Taking photos with Jeff Hoagland on top of the Art Street Garage

We're problem solvers

Sending Chocolates to a client!

We're storytellers

The Fuyao logo in front of the Catapult office

We're your partner

Let's Share your truth with the world

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