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If you were to pop your head into any one of our offices, you’d hear a wide variety of tunes. We all have different personalities, and our music choices reflect that. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get together and come up with pretty epic playlists on Spotify. Here are a couple of playlists that we think you might enjoy.

Catapult Office

This was our first playlist.┬áMostly consisting of instrumental hip hop, ambient, and electronic, this is our go-to playlist to put on while the creativity is flowing. Designed to be played with shuffle enabled, the playlist has a few surprises that serve as a nice break from its otherwise “background music” nature. We all added to it here and there, and now the playlist is up to nearly 350 tracks.

Check it out:

Catapult Lounge

My personal favorite playlist of ours. This has got all the jazz and old-timey music you can handle. Django Reinhardt, Miles Davis, Moondog, and a slew of other artists are in here. This playlist is also meant to be played on shuffle

We Could do Great Things together

Catapult Creative