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As we have talked about in the past months, we got to travel to Atlanta to interview Shaun Weatherspoon of the Atlanta Falcons for a video in the “Inspire” campaign for Ten Tree and the CWF. We didn’t do any of the editing for this video, so we literally traveled there to interview this man, then send the footage to Ten Tree, and twiddle our thumbs.¬†As painstaking as it sounds, you were not there, and the anticipation of this final product has been killing us since we did it.

We were talking with Stephan (one of the owners at Ten Tree) last week and asked him for some words of encouragement, his response being the video we did for their campaign. What we received was exactly what we needed, something to “inspire” us in what the hardest month of being a new business we could have ever imagined.

We have a lot of great work to show when we release our new website, but would like you to hopefully get the same feeling we do when we watch this video.

(Feel free to get inspired – it doesn’t cost a thing)

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