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1. The first step is to sign into your gmail account. The one you would like Google to recognize. Click the image of yourself in the top right of your browser.

2. This is what you will see, and click “View Profile”

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3. You will be brought to this page, and click the “About” section

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4. Scroll down to “Links” and you will see “Contributor to,” click “Edit”

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5. You will have the ability to then add the pages that you write for. Click the pencil to add one.


6. Add the title “Most Metro” along with the URL that you can copy and paste from going to

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7. Once that is added, copy the link at the top of your Google Plus Page. There might be numbers or symbols if you have not claimed your custom URL, but copy Everything us to “/about” or “posts” etc.

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8. Once you have done that, log into and click “users.”

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9. Find your user page and click it.

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10. Once inside of your user page, fill in the information like I have below.

– The most important page of this process is to add the link that we copied from our Google Plus pages and add it where it says “Google+”

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11. When you have done all of this correctly, this is what your articles will look like when they are published. It will take two or three weeks to authenticate your authorship


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