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If you know anything about Catapult Creative then you know one reason we started this agency is because we love Dayton. We weren’t seeing the other creative groups and projects around town coming together to help promote all of the amazing businesses and places we have here. Over the last year, we have been fortunate enough to work on being apart of a network of likeminded people and organizations who share in our goal of making Dayton amazing.

Hopefully, you already know about the Instagram accounts @DaytonGram, @DaytonsBest, and @DaytonBaton. We’ve been working with these groups to help find their focus and brand voice. Most importantly, we wanted to help them find each other. We created the logo for Dayton’s Best and are building a website for DaytonGram while offering encouragement and support to the founder of Dayton Baton, because we believe that Dayton is in great need of both cheerleaders and doers.


If you don’t know anything about any of these groups then it’s time to take the blindfold off, head over to Instagram and start following them. While you’re at it check out some of the Catapult team’s own personal Instagram accounts: @MrSkyblurr (Myself), @MaxSpang (Max, obviously), and @Fuelbytea (Josh). If you’re not on Instagram yet then now’s the time. Facebook didn’t buy it for $1 billion for nothing.

The Focus

We see big things in store for the future of this fledgling group. The founder of Dayton Baton, Jordan Hockett, was very conscious of the strategy of where this is going. But what exactly is “the baton”?


According to Hockett, Dayton Baton is: We are excited about Dayton Baton because it has something unique to offer to both the local networking community and Dayton as a whole. A baton is a small staff or stick passed from one runner to the next during a relay race. This forms the basis behind the concept of “the Baton.” It’s a pretty simple idea, you email, you set a date, then you run the baton for that day. Easy right?

  • A platform for small businesses, organizations, non-profits, artists, and individuals to promote themselves and gain possible customers, followers, etc.
  • A place where people can take us through their day and provide a tour of their life. This could be great for universities or businesses trying to attract new students or employees.
  • A place for covering and showcasing events, fundraisers, openings and more in the Dayton area.
  • A place for people to subversively advertise their business by developing unique concepts and strategies for running “the Baton” on their day.
  • A place for recent transplants to the Dayton area to start getting tuned in to the area’s events and happenings.
  • A place that connects Dayton to the people (events to attendees, students to jobs and schools, companies to talent, non-locals to the city of Dayton… the list goes on and on)

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The Dayton Baton wants you to take control of their account and share the city you love from your own perspective. I know what you are thinking: “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The Baton wants to get their calendar filled up for the next year with awesome Daytonians, like you, who want to showcase what life is like for them here in the city. If you have read this far and haven’t emailed Dayton Baton yet, open a new tab, log into your email (hopefully gmail) and send an encouraging message to Jordan Hockett about what a great thing he has brought us, then sign up! It’s as easy as that.


We Could do Great Things together

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