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We’ve been really fortunate to work on a wide variety of videos this year. But until now none of them involved graffiti, PBR, rollerblades, and eating pizza on a half pipe. We had a lot of fun working on this video for Nightbeast’s song “Paid and Rowdy”, which is pretty evident in the final product.

We transported Nighbeast back to the mid-90s, invited all his friends and threw a party. The result pays both homage to the 90s and sends up that period of time of grunge music, cheese-pop, and the Fresh Prince.

Andrew W.K. Retweet Nightbeast




The process of working on this video was unlike most of our other video work. Shooting this video was pretty spontaneous and guerilla-style. The weather threw a monkey wrench into our original shooting plans. Luckily, everyone involved with the video is great at thinking on their feet and we came up with the video you see above. It’s probably 50% script and 50% improvisational, and I think the video is better because of it. My job of filming was pretty easy thanks the sharp minds of the band members.

Andrew W.K., who recently played a show with Nightbeast in Cincinnati, gave a shout out to the band on twitter once the video was released exclusively on the New Noise Magazine website.

Check out the video, and keep on partying. I will leave you with a quote from the band regarding the video:

We just want the video to look as fun as it was to make. We wanted cheesy. We love Cheesy, hell, it worked for Smash Mouth.  It may not be for everyone, some people are boring.

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